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Gear Head Fifth Wheel Grease Pads


Available in single boxes with 6 pads per box and 4 boxes of 6 pads per box.  Select the option you want from the dropdown below.

Most people don’t spend much time talking or even thinking about fifth wheel grease.  We do!  That’s why we’ve developed this revolutionary new product for the trucking industry.  Made with soy, it’s clean, it’s renewable, it’s driver friendly and it’s going to change the way you grease your 5th wheel.  Traditionally, a driver needs to use a grease gun to grease the fifth wheel.  We’ve fixed that. Never carry a messy grease gun again.  Other products force you to deal with messy grease packets and the litter they cause. No more!  Environmentally friendly, Gear Head Lube grease pads are revolutionizing the industry.  Performance, peace of mind and environmentally minded, you are going to be amazed at how a simple little grease pad will change your life on the road.  Stock up today!

You get 6 easy-to-use grease pads per box.  Each pad contains a proprietary, high-performance, grease formula that outperforms the best petroleum based fifth wheel lubricants.  The pads are encased in a high-melt wax coating that quickly releases the grease when the fifth wheel is attached to the trailer.  Environmentally friendly, Gear Head fifth wheel grease pads will save you time, money and the lessen the impact on the environment.

Less Waste — No Messy Packets —  Non-Toxic — Renewable

ESG Compliant — High Lubricity — Reliable


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