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Gear Head Lube

Gear Head Lube Brand Ambassador Program

A brand ambassador is a valuable asset to the ongoing marketing initiatives for Gear Head Lube.  As a brand ambassador you will receive certain perks for your participation and are expected to adhere to a code of conduct as an extension of the company.

For your ongoing support and continued advocacy, as a brand ambassador you will receive the following benefit package: 

  1. Gear Head Swag in the form of:
    1. Stickers
    2. Apparel
  2. Gear Head 5th Wheel Grease pads for personal use PLUS sample packs for distribution and demos for trucking colleagues
  3. An affiliate membership where you will have the opportunity to earn commission on all website sales transacted through your unique affiliate URL.  Website traffic and orders are tracked through Gear Head’s Affiliate program and a 10% commission will be paid on all website purchases that are tracked through your affiliate link.
    1. Through this program you will receive a unique 10% off coupon code that is associated with your affiliate account.  You can distribute this coupon code to friends, family and colleagues so they can get a 10% discount when they purchase on com
    2. Commissions are paid out once per month.
    3. An affiliate dashboard is provided so you can login, track sales, view traffic and review aggregated commissions. 

Brand ambassadors agree:

  • To post on social media advocating the product
  • Appear in marketing videos if it makes sense logistically and provide testimonial videos.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner when representing the brand.

 Brand Ambassador Code of Conduct:

  • Represent Gear Head Lube in a positive and ethical manner, without insulting other companies.
  • Refrain from the use of profane and vulgar language any time you are representing the company.
  • Refrain from the use of drugs and alcohol any time you are representing the company.
  • Be able to, upon request, provide a summary of Brand Ambassador related activities to Gear Head Lube.
  • Do not profit from any products acquired from Gear Head Lube through your Brand Ambassador benefit package without permission


Interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador?

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